May 27/2020

Esta cuenta de Instagram comparte noticias 'libres de ansiedad' para alegrar tu día

Instagram: The Happy Broadcast

Es importante estar al tanto de lo que pasa en alrededor del mundo pero, honestamente, llega un punto en el que quisiéramos dejar de leer noticias, porque nunca faltan aquellas que  nos estresan.

Sin embargo, la mayoría de las personas solo nos quejamos y las dejamos pasar, pero el ilustrador italiano Mauro Gatti decidió hacer algo al respecto.

Se trata de una cuenta de Instagram y un sitio web dedicado a la difusión de noticias ‘libres de ansiedad’ bajo el nombre The Happy Broadcast.

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En estos sitios se comparten noticias alegres de todo el mundo con la intención de ‘llevar algo de felicidad e inspirarte a difundir buenas noticias’, menciona el ilustrador en la descripción de su sitio web.

Pero eso no es todo, sino que Mauro ilustra cada una de las noticias, así crea postales tan bonitas que nomás de verlas dan ganas de compartirlas.

Checa estas hermosuras:

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Animal Place chartered two private planes — that was paid for by a donor — to Iowa to transport the animals to their new home in California. Two of the animal sanctuary's staff members also made the nearly 30-hour drive to the farm to oversee the rescue. The egg farm decided to scale down operations and planned to euthanize more than 100,000 hens with carbon dioxide gas. The Iowa farm agreed to allow Animal Place, a large animal sanctuary in northern California, to rescue 1,000 of those hens. The animals now live in Grass Valley, California, at Animal Place, one of the oldest and largest sanctuaries in the state, according to the group. The hens will be nursed back to health and available for adoption for backyard flocks throughout the state ( link in bio). Animal Place said that any of the rescued hens that are too ill to be adopted will remain at the sanctuary and be given lifelong care. Source: CBS / Animal Place (link in bio) #thehappybroadcast #chicken #animal #animalrescue #farm #rescue #animallover #adopt

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After healing from injuries they sustained in the 2019 Australian wildfires, 26 koalas, including seven joeys, are being released back into the wild to Australia's Blue Mountains. Anwen, a 4-year-old female koala, was the third patient admitted to the world’s only all-koala hospital, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, in the Australian state of New South Wales. Photos of her went viral in October 2019 due to burns she sustained in wildfires that covered 90% of her body. Anwen is now one of 26 koalas, including seven joeys, that was released in the Lake Innes Nature Reserve over the course of a week. Hospital employees carefully considered a mix of koala ages and sexes in order to make for a well-rounded community, especially in hopes the animals will breed and grow their population in the wild. The release is the first step of rehabilitating the animals and environment that suffered in Australia's bushfires. The emergency is not over so please consider donating to the Blue Mountains Koala Project – link in bio. Source: KWQC (link in bio) #thehappybroadcast #koala #australia #wildlife #wildfires #koalas #mountain #nsw

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After looming above the Arctic, the single largest ozone hole ever detected over the North Pole has finally closed, researchers from the European Union’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) reported. The gap in the vital layer, which protects the Earth from harmful radiation from the sun, set a new record for ozone depletion in the northern hemisphere, the area was roughly the size of Greenland, and stretched over the top of the polar icecap. Asked by one respondent whether it was due to less pollution because of the lockdowns to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the organisation replied: “This Arctic ozone hole actually has nothing to do with coronavirus-related lockdowns, but rather was caused by an unusually strong and long-lived polar vortex.” Scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) said that they had predicted the hole to heal as temperatures increased, breaking down the Arctic polar vortex and allowing ozone-depleted air to combine with ozone-rich air from lower altitudes. Source: DW (link in bio) #thehappybroadcast #arctic #ozone #ozonehole #pollution #climatechange #earth

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One of the most difficult parts of social distancing and self-isolation is the prolonged physical separation. As lockdown continues we miss the hugs. We miss physical touch. And it's especially hard for those who are quarantining alone. As these feelings of loneliness and isolation grow, Iceland has responded by encouraging people to hug trees. Rangers from the country's forestry service are advising people to spend five minutes a day hugging a tree in one of the country's national parks. Iceland's forestry service has uploaded several photos on its website to act as a visual guide for tree hugging (people are encouraged to hug different trees). Indeed, research shows that trees really do have healing powers. The Japanese practice of forest bathing or shinrin-yoku became part of Japan's national health programme in 1982. Essentially it means to immerse yourself in nature, and is embraced by doctors around the world as a way to combat stress and improve health. Source: Lonely Planet (link in bio) #thehappybroadcast #iceland #trees #hugs #coronavirus #mentalhealth #lockdown #nature

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¿Cómo hacer que nuestras redes sociales sean ‘libres de ansiedad’?

En tiempos como los actuales es complicado esquivar las noticias que nos causan ansiedad porque, al mismo tiempo, muchas son relevantes para entender en qué momento de la pandemia estamos y cómo será nuestra vida al salir del confinamiento.

Pero se vale  tomarse un respiro y por ello, las redes sociales tienen la opción de silenciar palabras y usuarios.


Hasta el momento, en Facebook no se pueden silenciar palabras específicas, lo que sí puedes hacer es ocultar publicaciones que te desagraden. Ya sea de páginas o de usuarios que ya cachaste comparten contenido que te disgusta. 

Hacerlo es muy sencillo, solo tienes irte a los tres puntitos de la publicación, y elegir si quieres ocultar la publicación o la página temporalmente o para siempre.

También tienes la opción de dejar de seguir usuarios, así descansarás de sus posteos sin tener que eliminarlos.


Desde el apartado de Configuración y privacidad, tienes que ir a Privacidad y Seguridad y elegir la opción de Palabras silenciadas. Ahí deberás escribir la palabra que no quieres y por cuánto tiempo quieres dejar de verla.


Instagram te permite ocultar comentarios ofensivos y también palabras que no quieras ver más.

Lo primero que tienes que hacer es irte a la sección de Configuración, de ahí a Privacidad y después a Comentarios. Para ocultar palabras de los comentarios deberás activar el Filtro manual y escribir la palabra que deseas dejar de ver.

Con estos tips, el feed de tus redes sociales estará un poquito más personalizado y dejarás de hacer tantos corajes cada que entres a tu Facebook, Twitter o Instagram a despejar tu mente.

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